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>>/AM/18120>>18116 looks like runescape with slightly better graphics to me.
>>/pol/33401>>33400 How exactly does some vidya faggot who made his career capitalizing on 4cuck /v/eddit humor somehow ''serve'' us by swit
>>/AM/18119And an hour or so after I took that screencap my graphic card died. No more m&b, only integrated GPU anime now.
>>/normie/30>>28 I prefer my tunes like by food. Its all about the taste. The flavor. I saw a video of a old afro-american man beating a s
>>/normie/29>>26 >>27 Though I do declare there is some cases where the weiners are jib jabbin their way into my cubby.Me and my plus-size
>>/pol/33400>we're a community, therefore mentions of ecelebs doing community service must be divide & conguered with censoring ourselves, b
>>/normie/28>>25 I think classic rock is great just like my dad and mom. I love going to concerts to support wasted old rock stars. Modern m
>>/pol/33399Also riot girls brought back feminism when it was unpopular. They were part of forcing third wave feminism on young girls and pr
>>/normie/27>>26 Gotta have that snap. The threshold where when you puncture the skin you are snapping your way to flavor town. The wines o

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